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DeDe began modeling at age 14, at a scant 5' 2" and 97 pounds, but with a figure of 34-21-33. She graced the cover of Teen magazine twice in 1962, and was soon noticed for television (The Donna Reed Show and Leave It To Beaver).

As her figured filled out, DeDe's hopes were more toward Playboy, and in August 1967, with her girl-next-door looks and a full body, she landed in the centerfold.

After the excited response she received at the 1994 Glamourcon, DeDe began posing for a new series of pinups, including sizzling sessions with photographer Bunny Yeager. This brought her back to Playboy in its March 1996 issue, the article entitled, "Playmate Revisited."

During 1967, after her centerfold, it was reported her blonde, freckle-faced appeal drew in more fan mail than ever received by the magazine, and the only thing that can supersede this is the electronic era - where people can now simply e-mail their responses.

Named 20th Centerfold of the Century by Playboy

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